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The Memory of Simon Battle

The Memory of Simon Battle

Cassidy has always wanted to write. Her late grandfather's cottage seems like the perfect place to find some inspiration - and she finds it, along with a mysterious man who's already living there.

"It's a book I would recommend to anybody because I feel like we all sometimes wish we could escape to a small seaside town and just forget our troubles for a day."

- Jenn Milligan, Goodreads Review

The Greatest Thief Series

Without a King

Written in First Person

Thoughts on inspiration, worldbuilding and storytelling

Passport and Compass

Adventures Travelling and Camping




Julie Côté writer

Julie Côté has been telling stories as long as she can remember. One of her earliest books (drawn circa 1997 and transcribed by her dad) was about a red lamb running away from a fox.

Julie shared her stories with friends and family 

throughout middle and high school. She started the Greatest Thief series in university, using her Classical History classes as inspiration.

In 2017, she self-published her first book, and she has plenty of stories to follow.



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