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Without a King

Without a King

Greatest Thief Book 1

Finn is the greatest thief in the city, sneaking silently through the streets of Zianna to relieve the upper class Teltans of their unneeded jewellery and purses. One day, he finds an area of the city he had never explored and scales a wall only to find a hidden courtyard full of boys his age training in sword craft and wrestling. There he makes an unlikely friend in Tannix, the highborn son of the lord of West Draulin, someone so far above him in the social chain he can scarcely believe how different their lives are. For fear of being discovered as an imposter, Finn tries to act the part of a nobleman, using a stolen ring and robe to show his status. He spends weeks undercover with his new friend, training as a noble as part of the Order and eating everything he can get his hands on.


Soon Tannix discovers who his new friend really is, but instead of turning him in, he helps Finn to survive by giving him money, medicine, and protection. When the pair uncovers a plot to kill the king, they know they must act quickly. Using Tannix’s social status and Finn’s street smarts, they race to find the assassin and convince the other nobles before it’s too late. Their forbidden friendship puts both of their lives in danger, and while Tannix’s family name will protect him no matter what happens, who would believe a common thief?

Book no.1

The Greatest Thief

Finn's world is bigger than just one book

The universe of Without a King is one I've been building upon for years. Along with the Greatest Thief series, I've written short stories and myths, I've drawn world maps, created multiple different cultures, and written out a long history. I hope to share as much of this as possible, and hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed creating it.

- Julie

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