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Ghosts of

Akre Island

Illustrated by Leslie Côté

Cassidy Acres has discovered something unusual about

Akre Island—ghosts are real, and they can be helped.

Book One

The Memory of Simon Battle

The Memory of Simon Battle

Cassidy has always wanted to write. Her late grandfather's cottage seems like the perfect place to find some inspiration—and she finds it, along with a mysterious man who's already living there. As she gets to know him, they stumble on an interesting old story about her grandfather's friend. Cassidy is eager to learn more, but soon realizes that the story is stranger than she thought. Who was Simon Battle?

Book Two

Gemma Caulfield cover front.jpg

The Trail of Gemma Caulfield

During her winter break, Cassidy heads back to Akre Island to visit Simon. It doesn't take long for strange things to happen, and Cassidy and Simon find themselves trying to solve another mystery—who is leaving footprints in the snow? And, more importantly, how can they help?

Cover painted by Grace George

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