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C is for Cheese

C is for Cheese

One day, Remi the Mouse decided to try a piece of cheese for every letter of the alphabet.


She travelled the world in search of

different kinds of cheese. Some places she even visited twice!


This is her adventure.

Illustrated by Emma Kent

Jaunty Adventure Team

Jaunty Adventure Team

Suzie Swallow has been swept away by a storm! Will her newfound friends be able to help her return home?

About Us

Julie Côté and Emma Kent

Emma and Julie met at Camp Woolsey (in Ottawa, Canada) when they were fifteen. They spent many summers there together, becoming good friends and learning how rewarding (and exhausting) working with children can be. They decided to create a children’s book together and came up with their first idea at camp.

As well as working on various picture book ideas, Emma and Julie have been running a Facebook page about the history of Camp Woolsey and hope to compile everything they've learned and collected into a book.

Emma is also the creator of HashtagLD, a webcomic about growing up and living with a learning disability. 

History Project


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