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The characters from

The Greatest Thief

Meet The Characters




"The Greatest Thief"

Born in 406, in Zianna


Although he calls himself a Native Zian, Finn is half Teltish through his father. His mother, Zila, was a Native Zian prostitute who was killed when he was nine. He is left handed. He has no living family (and he doesn't know who his father is), but he considers the thieves his brothers and sisters. He believes in the Ziannan Pantheon.

Finn is good at climbing and his small size makes it easy for him to sneak around. He is smarter than he lets on. He is a very good gambler, has an eidetic memory, and is an excellent thief. However, he is illiterate and has had no schooling of any kind.

Finn isn't good with physical confrontations and avoids them at all costs. He claims to be a bit of a coward, but will do anything to protect the people he considers family.


Lord Tandrix of West Draulin


Born in 404, in West Draulin

Tannix is the middle child of Lord West Draulin. His older brother Tandrin is meant to inherit the city, hence why Tannix is training at the Order in Zianna. His younger sister is named Tairia. He wears the Order ring on his right thumb and his family's crest ring on his right index finger. He believes in the Teltish Goddess.

Tannix is an excellent swordsman, and can fight equally well with both hands. He has been trained to fight with other weapons as well, and while he can handle them he isn't particularly good with anything else.

Tannix comes from a very powerful family, but he wants to be respected due to his actions and abilities. He is uncomfortable with his power, and is somewhat unaware of his own leadership skills. Because of this, he never got along well with other young lords. His closest friends are his personal guards, who tend to treat him like a fellow knight instead of like a lord.

Meet The Thieves

Baisan Greatest Thief


Born in 407, in Zianna

Baisan is a full-blooded Native Zian. He was raised by his uncle, who was being paid by his father. When Baisan was seven, his father died his uncle began to neglect him, so he ran away.

Baisan had a bit of education when he was younger, and is a bit better with numbers than the rest of the thieves. He handles all of their money. As the oldest (aside for Finn), he became the group's leader and has been since he was ten. He takes this role very seriously.

He feels slightly threatened by Finn's abilities, although Finn has no desire to lead the group. 

Castin Greatest Thief


Born in 408, in Zianna

Castin was born in a brothel. He is half Navirian, although he is unaware of that. He ran away from the brothel when he was seven. He is the tallest thief and the quietest.

Castin isn't a particularly good thief, but he makes up for it by being good at fighting. He acts as Baisan's right-hand-man and a bodyguard for the group. He clashes with Finn often, although he does respect Finn quite a bit. He believes that he is successfully hiding his relationship with Stria.

Castin is dyslexic, but due to never being educated in any way, he isn't aware of it. 

Stia Greatest Thief


Born in 408, in Zianna

Stria was born in a large lower class family, but they all died from a sickness that raged through the city when she was eight.

Having grown up in a proper house, Stria was taught how to cook, mend clothes, and help care for her younger siblings. She uses these skills to take care of the thieves. She is always in charge of food and does most of the first aid. She is in a relationship with Castin, which she thinks is a secret.

Stria is smart and is fascinated by words. She wants to learn to read.

Ninavi Greatest Thief


Born in 410, in Zianna

Ninavi was born in the same brothel as Finn, and is also half-Teltish. She ran away when she was seven. As the youngest of the thieves, she is treated like a little sister who needs to be protected. However, Ninavi is tough and more than capable of taking care of herself.

She is very pretty and tends to do well begging for money. She often acts as a distraction while the other thieves sneak up behind people. She adores Finn and wants to be as good at sneaking around as he is.

Ninavi loves her adopted family but longs for adventure outside of the city.

Orrun Greatest Thief


Born in 409, in Zianna

Orrun is the youngest of five children, and his family life was hard. His half-brother, Leker, was born only a month after he was (their father was having an affair). When he was ten, Orrun's father and older brother died, he and Leker ran away.

Orrun grew up protecting Leker from his mother, and still tends to be protective. He's a decent thief, but dislikes resorting to begging for money. He thinks very highly of Finn's abilities. The brothers were the last people to join the group.


Like Leker, he takes after his father in appearance. So the two of them look and sound very similar. 

Leker Greatest Thief


Born in 409, in Zianna

Leker was abandoned by his mother and reluctantly raised by his father's wife. Of all his half-siblings, he got along best with Orrun, who is only a month older than him. He was neglected by his step-mother and ran away with Orrun when he was ten.

Leker is a little less confrontational than Orrun, although he will fight to protect himself. He is fairly creative, but has spent his life subduing that side of himself. He admires Finn's complicated schemes.

Like Orrun, he takes after his father in appearance. So the two of them look and sound very similar.

Meet The Knights

Acen Greatest Thief

Captain Lord Atricen of the West Draulin Guard


Born in 398, in West Draulin

Acen comes from a minor noble family in West Draulin, with a long history of serving the Tandran family. He became the captain of the guard when he was eighteen. He was given the position due to his ability to understand the other knights, natural leadership qualities, and willingness to argue with Tannix.

Acen mostly fights with a sword, and always carries multiple knives. Although he was trained to fight with proper techniques, he values spontaneity and creativity. 

He is married to Lady Gallea, Jalor's cousin

Jalor Greatest Thief

Sir Lord Jalor from Vasel

Born in 395, near Vasel

Jalor grew up on a villa near Vasel, and he's related to the ruling family in the city. He moved to West Draulin to join the army when he was fifteen.

Growing up on a villa gave Jalor freedom to pursue plenty of hobbies. He was best known for jousting, but his other hobbies included falconry, cooking and leaning first aid. As a noble, he was also well trained in combat.

Jalor primarily fights with a sword or spear, and was in the cavalry before joining Tannix's guard. He is the best rider among the group.

Evrik Greatest Thief

Sir Evrik

Born in 400, near Vasel

Evrik comes from a low class Teltish farming family. His family works a small farm, which happens to be on Jalor's family's land. He has two sisters and two brothers.

As a child, Evrik would often neglect his duties to pretend fight enemies he made from wood, often with the axe he was meant to be chopping firewood with - incidentally training himself to be an excellent axeman. He went to West Draulin when he was ten. He forwards most of his salary to his family.

As well as fighting with an axe or sword, Evrik can throw knives and small axes with excellent accuracy. It was this skill that earned him his place in Tannix's guard.

Mandell Greatest Thief

Sir Mandell

Born in 397, near West Draulin

Mandell is half-Native, and grew up on a farm outside of West Draulin. He worked odd jobs to help earn money for his large family, and when he was twelve moved to West Draulin to start training for the army.

A large man, Mandell is good with heavy weapons such as maces and flails. He carries a larger sword than the other knights.

Mandell doesn't tend to talk very often. He believes in the Sisters, an amalgamation of Teltish and Native beliefs common in mixed families. 

Kor Greatest Thief

Sir Korander


Born in 401, in West Draulin

Kor and his twin brother come from a middle class family, and are half-Teltish although they identify as entirely Crelan. Their uncle is the famous Captain Roland. They both speak with Crelan jargon.

As a child Kor went by the name Ander, until  he decided it was too close to Ender's name. Kor is the younger twin but tends to act as the leader between the two. He has a thin scar on his left shoulder.

Kor is an excellent archer and good swordsman. He is also a good sailor and loves the ocean. As a Crelan, he believes in the Dyad.

Ender Greatest Thief

Sir Korender


Born in 401, in West Draulin

Ender and his twin brother come from a middle class family, and are half-Teltish although they identify as entirely Crelan. Their uncle is the famous Captain Roland. The both speak with Crelan jargon.

Ender is older, and tends to be calmer than his brother. As the youngest of the knights, they are often teased by the others. They were only fifteen when they were knighted.

Ender is an excellent archer and good swordsman. He is also a good sailor and loves the ocean. As a Crelan, he believes in the Dyad.

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