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Without a King Announcement!

Updated: May 16, 2019

It's official! Without a King, the first book in the Greatest Thief series, is being published! While I can't provide details such as a release date yet, I can tell you that a lot of progress has already been made, and I can tell you about that progress.

I'm self-publishing Without a King through FriesenPress. The way this works is that I picked out certain services I wanted and paid for them to create the book. The things I picked out include services such as content editing, cover design, a book trailer (coming soon!) and formatting. The book will be sold online on FriesenPress's store, where you will be able to order soft and hardcovers of the book. I believe an e-book will also be available.

I hope to share more information soon and I can't wait to properly introduce Finn to you!

- Julie

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