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Patreon and Posting Online

Just over a year ago, I decided to start posting some of my stories online. This was something I had tried before, with a website called Inkitt. I was pretty unsure about posting my work online, so I stuck to miscellaneous short stories for the most part.

In May, 2020, I came across the website Wattpad and decided to give it a shot. I started off with posting The Memory of Simon Battle, Without a King, and Wanderlust. And I discovered that it was really fun! Posting Without a King even helped me with editing my second edition!

Since then, I have posted the second Greatest Thief book, An Aimless War. Wanderlust's sequel Wayfarer, and For a Year, a novella that takes place between the first and second Greatest Thief books. I even started a book called A Guide to Zianna so I could talk about worldbuilding and myths.

Unfortunately, as much as I'm enjoying posting on Wattpad, it doesn't exactly help with my goal to make a living by writing. So, I have decided to create a Patreon account! As of right now, it is still in it's early stages. I have plenty of ideas of other tiers/bonuses I could add, but that will take time. For now I just have a few simple tiers to get things started.

If you're enjoying my work online, or you'd just like to help out, please considered becoming a patron!

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