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The Trail of Gemma Caulfield

The Trail of Gemma Caulfield is ready for purchase!

During her winter break, Cassidy heads back to Akre Island to visit Simon. It doesn't take long for strange things to happen, and Cassidy and Simon find themselves trying to solve another mystery—who is leaving footprints in the snow? And, more importantly, how can they help?

I haven't spoken much about this book on my blog. Back in March, 2020, I challenged myself to write my idea for Simon Battle's sequel in three weeks—and I succeeded! I had this beautiful painting by my step-grandmother that I wanted to use for a cover, so I planned a story that suited it, and asked her permission to use it. I also gave my mom, who illustrated the first book and did the cover, a list of illustration ideas.

Finally this past weekend, I had a chance to go visit my step-grandmother and get her approval for the final look of the book. So, I can announce that it is ready to go!

This book is a bit of a milestone for me, as it's the first time I've published a sequel! It is so nice to get to hold the pair of books. I'm really hoping everyone enjoys the new adventure on Akre Island!

The Trail of Gemma Caulfield can be purchased here!

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