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A Strange Day in July

Recently I was looking through some old schoolwork from grade 3-5, which for some reason had been kept. I recycled most of it, but there were a few gems. Such as this lovely story I've puzzled out comes from grade 5, in 2003. The best part - I've never been good at skipping stones!

A Strange Day in July

"Julie! Can we go to the park?" asked Kevin.

"Sure!" said Julie. Julie and Kevin lived by a park with a long river. Julie was eleven years old, and Kevin was seven. Julie and Kevin went to the park. Julie walked over to the river. "Want to hear a story?" she asked Kevin.

"O.K!" he said. Kevin and Julie sat on their favourite rock. Julie told Kevin a story,

"A long time ago in July their was a stone, a skipping stone. It was magic. A little boy, about your age, found that stone with his twin sister. The little boy's name was Josh and his sister's name was Mary. Josh and Mary loved to skip stones. Every day they came to this river and sat on the rock. Josh and Mary were having a skipping contest when Josh picked up the magic stone, and thew it. "This will be my third stone!" he said. But, it came skipping back! Some people say that the stone is still here because when somebody throws it it will come back."

"So is it true?" asked Kevin.

"I don't know, but I'll show you how to skip a stone," said Julie.

Kevin tried to skip stones for 2 hours. When he got better at it, Julie and Kevin had a skipping contest. Julie was winning. It was Kevin's turn, he picked up 3 stones, he threw the first stone, then the second stone. Then he threw the last stone. He threw it with all of his might, but the third stone came skipping back!

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1 Comment

Priya SA
Priya SA
Jul 05, 2020

Oh, I never knew of this one. Great simple story though.

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