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Welcome to my New Site!

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

Welcome! I hope you're enjoying visiting my new site and checking out all it has to offer (not much so far, I know. But it's a work in progress!) This blog is where I'll write about upcoming projects, news, and writing in general. I might write about other things, like travel, but I do have an old travel blog that I might keep using for that - who knows!

You may be wondering where the name "Written in First Person" came from. It was an answer I came up with you a get-to-know-you questions years ago. The question was "What would you call your autobiography?" I came up with "Written in First Person" because an autobiography would be in first person, but also because at the time it reflected my writing style. The three main projects I was working on at the time were all in first person. The Greatest Thief series is the only one of those projects I am still currently working on, but that doesn't mean I won't revisit the others eventually!

So those are my thoughts on the blog as of right now, but like I said, this whole thing is a work in progress. I might even welcome guest posts once in awhile. If you have some thoughts on something related to writing or creativity, and you think it might be fun to write a blog post about it, let me know! Additionally, if you think of anything you would like me to write about, let me know about that, too!

Until the next time, I hope you enjoy everything that's currently on this site, and I'll be keeping you up to date on any big changes!

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